Quality Behavioral Health has made services accessible twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week; every day of the year. Transportation services are also available within the Southeast Michigan Area. To access these quality services, call 313-922-2222 to initiate the intake process for admission.

Quality Behavioral Health is a Multi-Cultural, Multi-Ethnic Facility that employs and contracts with counselors that speak more than eighteen (18) languages. QBH is also contracted with the “Language Line” which provides instant translation services for over one hundred and forty (140) languages.

Access to recovery has been made easy and convenient by providing staff that you can speak with someone who is sensitive to your cultural and ethnic needs.

Quality Behavioral Health, Inc.

To provide person-centered, holistic service that reflects innovation, best practices and outcome-based performance that is satisfying and cost-effective to consumers, staff, leadership and other stakeholders.

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