Authorization to Release Informations

In compliance with the Federal Regulations (42 CFR) we cannot release any information about you to anyone. We are restricted from acknowledging the fact that you are in the program even to your close relatives.

If you require that any information be released to anyone (such as your lawyer, probation or parole agent or anyone else) you must sign a written release so that the required information may be released.

Telephone Use

Patients in the Detox program are not allowed to make any phone calls. They may make one call before they are sent to the Detox floor and one call after they are discharged if they are going home or to another treatment program.

Television and Radio Use

Music videos are prohibited. QBH staff reserves the right to restrict viewing of provocative or in appropriate telecasts. Television/radio use is not permitted during counseling sessions. Headphones are not permitted at any time during your stay.