Sub-Acute Detoxification

Detoxification (Detox) is the process by which the body clears itself of drugs and is designed to manage the physiological effects of stopping drug use. During the detox process, the main goal is to provide relief from withdrawal symptoms while adjusting to a drug free state. Quality Behavioral Health provides Detox from Alcohol, Cocaine, Heroin, and other Opiates. At our sub-acute detoxification facility, we provide a safe and comfortable environment where medication is prescribed to help during withdrawal. Physical and emotional support is also provided to aid in making your detox as comfortable as possible. QBH; however, does not provide rapid detox such as blood transfusions, anesthesia or intravenous treatment.

The sub-acute detoxification program at QBH is conducted over a period of three (3) to five (5) days under the close supervision of a doctor, nurse, counselor, and support staff. A brief outline of our program is as follows:

Day One

Your entry into the Detox program starts with the intake process. You will first complete a self-assessment that will help the facility understand your unique needs, health history, and other information that is necessary to determine the level of care that will best suit you during your detox. Following the self-assessment, the program guidelines will be explained which will require your consent. Once you agree to the guidelines, you will be escorted to a clinician, usually a Registered Nurse (RN), who will complete a Tuberculosis Test (TB), and an integrated assessment that includes assessing your risk for any infectious diseases.

The clinician will explain the program that best meets your needs; and, if you agree and decide the services offered are right for you, QBH will admit you. At the time of admissions, your rights and responsibilities, along with the program rules and regulations will all be explained. In order to complete the admission, you must acknowledge, with your signature, the guidelines that have been explained to you along with other consents that are required.

For your safety and the safety of others, prior to being taken to the unit, procedure requires that your person be searched, showered with Quill shampoo, and dressed in clean clothing and undergarments. Your personal belongings will also be searched and logged. The use of cell phones and lighters is not permitted. You will then be escorted to the Detox unit where you will be given a tour of the unit and assigned a bed.

Your journey starts here. You will be seen by a physician and nurse based on your medicinal needs.

Quality Behavioral Health staff will work with you to formulate a treatment plan that best suits your needs. You may see a Psychiatrist if you have a psychiatric diagnosis, or show any signs and symptoms of Depression, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Anxiety, or Psychosis.

0n the first day of detoxification, you are permitted to rest and are excused from groups and activities. Keep in mind; however, you will need to have your vitals taken at least six (6) times a day and your medication will need to be administered.

Day Two

From this point on, you will be following the daily structured scheduled to the best of your ability. The second day is used to allow you to get rest in a safe and comfortable environment with twenty-four (24) hour availability to the nurse and support staff. You will continue to get your medication, as well as three (3) meals a day plus snacks. Juice and water are available twenty-four (24) hours a day. There will be scheduled smoke breaks, which are posted on the bulletin board. Individual, group and didactic sessions are held daily to aid in your recovery process. Group counseling assists in emotional growth and personal problem solving. QBH also provides educational and recreational movies during free time.

Day Three

Today is similar to day two (2), but more focus on your discharge begins here. Program progress is discussed and treatment goals are assessed for continued treatment.

Day Four

Today’s program is a continuation of the daily routines from days two (2) and three (3), but with more emphasis on discharge planning to ensure that you are safely moved to the next level of care. These next levels may include long or short-term residency, intensive outpatient or outpatient based on your individual needs. A patient in Detox may be discharged between days three (3) and five (5), as long as they have no symptoms of withdrawal and have recovered medically from the substance that they were abusing.

Day Five

If you and the program physician agree, today is the day that you will be discharged from the Detoxification Program and moved to the next level of care, whether it is at QBH or the treatment provider of your choice.

Your length of stay in the Detoxification Program and the extent of your participation in treatment activities will be determined based on your medical status. For your own safety, as well as for your ability to fully benefit from treatment services, it is necessary that you become stabilized medically before actively participating in additional treatment activities.