Our Staff


The medical doctor on staff has complete responsibility for the detoxification program. The doctor authorizes admission into the program and is responsible for the treatment plan.


Our highly trained nursing staff is closely involved with all aspects of the detox program. The nurse admits the patient into the program and monitors the progress of the patient daily. The Nurse is responsible for screenings, making medical appointments, administering medications (if necessary) and providing education about your health care needs.


The psychiatrist performs psychiatric evaluations as needed to determine the treatment plan for the patient. Since we specialize in mental health & substance abuse services, our psychiatrist or psychologist will work with clients who may have conditions such as major depression, PTSD, anxiety, schizophrenia, etc.


The counselors in the detox and residential programs are a key part of our treatment planning process. Individual counselors enable patients to express their feelings and educate the patients about the ill effects of alcohol and other drugs. They offer suggestions on alternative coping skills.

Spiritual counselor

Our spiritual counselor is experienced in relating to various religious denominations. Spiritual counseling focuses on building faith, using a higher power in recovery and addressing patient concerns.

Recipient rights advisor

At Quality Behavioral Health, Inc., the patient is entitled to their rights. Our advisor is available to discuss any complaints or issues the client may have. Please feel free to talk to them if a need arises.