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Jennifer Rybka

I owe a lot to QBH and I am very thankful for the program. I previously have used Brighton and spent thousands of dollars on treatment, which did not work for me. However I got more recovery at QBH than I thought was possible. DO NOT BELIEVE THE OTHER REVIEWS. I believe they are from other patients who didn’t respect the program and chose to leave against medical advice. If you listen in groups, take notes, honest to your counselors, and honest about getting recovery, you will do great. Everyday isn’t a good day, but that’s how the world is. I feel amazing after leaving treatment!

TiTi Smith

QBH is one of the best facilities I have ever been to. The program is unlike any other and truly offers people a way to rebuild their lives. The opportunities at QBH are endless. The staff is kind and caring. The conferences that the women held this summer were inspiring and brought life back to the city. QBH is an example of what more businesses in Detroit should be. This place saved my life. Thank you, QBH.

Cat Meow

I have been through the entire program at QBH and am grateful for every opportunity I have received here. I came into treatment in Feb 2014 and worked the program the entire time. I now live in transitional housing provided by QBH and this is the best I have done in recovery. I volunteered throughout my program and was given every opportunity to advance and succeed. Recently, a group of us were taken to a Recovery March in Washington DC so that we could fight for our right to treatment. This facility goes above and beyond in many ways. Even in transitional living I’m still getting further in my treatment. I have been here for 8 months and I don’t regret any second of it. Before I found QBH and my recovery, I was in and out of prison and struggling. Now, I am finally free. Thank you, QBH, for all that you do for us!

Rhonda HAHN

Pressure Point Massage Therapy would like to commend QBH for their outstanding services to the community. While working with QBH all summer, I’ve heard unbelievable stories that have touched my heart and made me realize that we must all be kind and work together, because everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about. At PPMT our motto is “There’s Nothing Like The Power Of Touch.” While our hands glide and comfort physically, QBH touches their clients mentally, physically, and spiritually. I’ve heard the women constantly praise QBH. I thank QBH for adding our services to their 2015 Women’s Conference, it’s taught me a lot. Rhonda Hahn CEO of Pressure Point Massage Therapy.

Patrice Rucker

I was in treatment 5 times before I truly realized that I could not continue to get high any longer. That’s when I came to QBH! when I was admitted into the detox program I had a real negative attitude. my failed attempt at treatment before affected how I saw treatment, I needed to know what would be different about this detox program. I now know that it was the groups. The groups help me decide to make a decision to quit using drugs. as a result I have been clean now almost 9 months one day at a time. I still a 10 groups and my foundation is built on a recovery plan that they implemented early in my recovery. so it’s a success that I have no plans on using drugs ever again. This would not be possible if it was not for QBH and its continued support.

Rhonda Hahn

Quality behavioral health is a great treatment center. I think what they do for and in the community is very commendable. They have a very good treatment program and I would recommend anyone that I know that is dealing with an addiction to go to this facility.

Vera Mc Crary

I’ve been thru this program numerous of times but it’s something about given it one more try and that’s what I did and it paid off out of all the other programs I have been in this ninety day program I just finished have restored me back to sanity and gave me hope that I don’t ever have to use drugs ever again. Thanks QBH.

Eric Hobson

Has been a fantastic summer coming to the QBH weekly conferences. Each week, I learn something new from the several guest speakers. Keep up the good work QBH!

Sean Sullenger

I spent 7 months in 2000 and 2001. Work related program after is great. Treatment is top notch. Don’t let anyone say otherwise. You get what you give.

Tim Bartel

Qbh has a wonderful treatment program. The staff is great and i gained a lot from the groups. Thanks to their program I have been clean for over a year.

Crystal Ynn Jabara

The staff was friendly. rooms were clean. Over all great treatment center.